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Attorney: Jennifer Morales, RN, Esq.

Jennifer has been practicing law in the Rio Grande Valley since 2008. Her goal is to provide individuals and families residing in Texas with professional legal services in Health Law and in Immigration, Wills and Guardianship Law. She began her career as a Registered nurse in 1999. Her own personal experience in the healthcare field ignited her passion for law and justice in that area. She attended the State University of New York-Buffalo Law School, where she received a law degree with a concentration in Health Law. She is also a local UT-Pan American graduate, with a B.A. in Communication, and an A.D.N. in Nursing. She is fluent in Spanish.

Nurse Consultant: Gabriel Morales, NP

Gabriel has been a Registered Nurse in 2005 and has extensive experience in Home Health.  In 2016 he obtained his Masters of Science in Nursing.